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2018 Life Update?
Monday, April 16, 2018 • 8:59 AM • 0 comments

Hello yall!

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for those who are still following me on this blog even though I have never update since like 2015. It was 3 years ago. God, that was long. I am not sure if blogger is still a thing in this social media thingy but here I am updating for it. Comment down below if you're still into blogging and reading this post so that i'll know that there's actually someone who read this post. Lmao.

The last time I updated was in 2015. That year was my senior year of high school and will be taking SPM and through my last post I could see that I am so nervous about it. Well, yeah. I was so nervous about it but things went really well for me. I enrolled in a lot of tuition classes and there was also a home tuition class that my mother asked me to joined it. Thank you, parents. I really appreciated it. Took my SPM on 2015 and got my result on the first half of 2016. After that, I continue my studies for diploma in this particular private university. I dont want to reveal it for some reason but it was located in Shah Alam. If you know what university it is, well then, good for you! 

Now, I am 20 years old. Still not yet finished with my Diploma studies but will finish really really soon. Probably in early of 2019. Now, I am currently in my 5th semester. Which is going to be my last long semester and also my last final exam because there will be no final exam for the upcoming semester which is short semester. I am glad that I am almost there to get my diploma. Went through a lot of hardships and difficulties but still managed to handle it well. Proud of it as well!

There were times that I felt like giving up but with the support of my family and friends, I managed to went through it. University life is damn hard but meaningful at the same time. But, if I could choose either university life or school life. I will probably choose School life for some reason. For me, it was so so meaningful maybe because of the journey of my puberty time lol u get it?

I am not sure when I'll update this blog again, prolly when I get married or have babies. Okay just kidding (but its not impossible tho). I really want to know if there's anyone reading this. If you are, please please comment on the comment section below. I also have forgotten on how to edit this blog so it will probably stay in the same template/theme/whatever u called it forever. But, I was once a pro tbh. I still remember those days. Thank you sweeties! 

p/s: from malay post to english post. sorry i am having a identity conflict 
lol but hey its still a language.