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Hijab Tips.
Sunday, July 29, 2012 • 7:53 AM • 0 comments

Holaaa Hijabista. :) Long time no post here right?

So, based on the title. Hijab Tips. Jyeah. I'm gonna make a post about tips? of hijab? K

1. Cover chest.

For your information, cover ur chest w hijab is important thing. So please dear girl.
Suka ke boys stares at ur coconuts? Malu weh. -.-

2. Wash w hands.

If you jenis suka pakai tudung express or i call tudung sarung. lol, please wash it w
ur hands. Cause if you wash it w ur washing machine the awning will be like ronyok. And,
you can't wear it again. Haha.

3. Avoid wearing transparent hijab.

Well, you know girl girl nowadays suka pakai tudung nampak leher or so what. Haiyaaa.
Elakkan lah eh. And boys pun start lah tgk tgk tgk. usha like a ehem ehem. lol

4. Tie ur hair and put it in of ur inner or anak tudung.

Ini most important. Harituh, I ada nmpk this girl wear hijab. Depan looks so nice. Tapi
belakang. HOMAIGAD. Ada rambut terjurai jurai. Sigh.

I think thats the only tips that I can give to you girls. Happy Ramadhan.
Happy Hijabista. x - Pollow okay. lol