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Hyee ;3
Saturday, July 14, 2012 • 7:39 AM • 0 comments

Peace be upon you. 

Before that, Just want to inform that my english is not so good. Hihi kay lets continue!
As you can see, at my 'about' my name is Syue right? Hihi cool. And i'm Malaysian. *proud*
-_- This post is just to introduce myself laaa. Macaaaaaaaaaam tak tahu. Itu diaaa, the 
malay language already keluar. So teruk. Fyi, I'm spontaneous girl. Crazey also. Ha ha! 

I hate fckin copycats, backstabbers and stuff that stupid and bitches. Dorang semua itu,
gilaa nauzubillah. May Allah gives Hidayah to them. Ameen! And as you can see the 
date, today is MTV World Stage Live In Malaysiaa. Piwit, budak hot budak hot. #tetiba? -,-
My sister got free tics. And I was like Yaaaay. And suddenly, I can't go cause my cousin
have their engagement today. *frustrated*. Tapi, aku mana suka sgt pergi konsert. Haha.

Leave the world stage topic there, don't continue. I'm Carly Rae Jepsen Fan. Dia gila gojess.
Hope can meet her one day. "So call me maybe?" Pernah dengar lagu tu kan? Yeah,
thats her song. Puih, bapak ohsemz. Tapi, at the end the guy is gay. I think. I hate gay. 
May Allah gives Hidayah to them *again*. Ameen.

I leave you guys here. Goodbye. Assalamualaikum.