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Friday, September 28, 2012 • 7:58 AM • 1 comments

Ada crush? Do you have a crush?

Hahaha crush means like someone we like or love in secret. Yeah, if you have please raise
your hand and say "FOREVER CRUSH". Okay just kidding. Watlek ah! Only certain
person knows who is your crush. Yeahhhh i have a crush too :3 Heheheh, i called
him "Heaven" Idk why. Hahaha. Heaven pun boleh eh syue?

Well, menipu ah kalau kau takde crush kan? I'll always stalk my crush everywhere he go.
Exclude toilet. Fehhh! I know who is his friend, his ex, his parents. Ha ha ha. i'm a cool
stalker. Btw, if we meet or accidentally meet our crush of course we was like "OMFGHAHAHA"
Normal babe normal. So, thats all. Good night! -SorryForBrokenEnglish

#TeamAdaCrush. Teeeeheeee x3