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A feeling
Sunday, May 5, 2013 • 2:03 AM • 1 comments

It's may!

Say hello to le precious may. //waving\\ so, today is 5th may. election day. yeay?
did i just said 'yeay'? for what dahell. hahahahahaha, im okay. don't worry.
so, if you're 21 and above please vote. it is ur responsibilty as malaysian. so,
vote wisely.

k stop this voting topic.

y'know, i never feel this feeling before this. it came out and suddenly it's spread to
my heart. this feeling call 'sad', 'depression' and 'uneasy'. anyone, have you feel like
this before? i don't know why, but it came after someone just break my heart.

please throw up right now everybody. im too jiwang.

yes, brokenheart. but im okay. but here some advice.

don't have a crush w someone you close or ur classmate. its going to be hurt

Bye love. Sorry bad english.